We get many enquiries about people wanting to cycle the C&C. Here our the most popular questions:

Q: In your ‘kitlist’ section you mention needing a mountain bike or hybrid. I’ve got a sturdy road tourer, which I’m not sure would cope on some of the bumpier sections. Do you think it’s possible to tailor the route to make it slightly more road-bike friendly – i.e how much of the route is properly ‘offroad’? Or do you think I should just get some sturdy tires?

A: A sturdy road tourer sounds great. Maybe some hybrid tyres that can deal with a certain amount of gravel and grit on the gravel trails. Some of it is proper off road optional route after Alnmouth where you actually have to go onto the beach! and near Lindisfarne and Berwick. These can be gritty and muddy but obviously depends on recent rain!

We certainly wouldn’t recommend going on a drop handlebar racing bike due to the off-road sections.

Q: How do you make sure your bike doesn’t get nicked?

A: Take a cable lock with a D lock. And don’t leave your pannier bags on display. Most hostel and hotels will have secure storage when bikes can be locked inside a building.